WE NEED A FEW VOLUNTEERS to assist Dole VA Hospital patients wanting to spend some time looking at the displaces at the Starbird-Devlin Rod & Custom Car Show.  YOU MUST BE IN GOOD HELTH - COLDS, FLU ect.

Date:  Friday - January 20, 2017
Place:  Century II Expo Hall - Wichita, KS
Time:  10:30 AM to 11:30 AM

The VA Hospital transportation will arrive at 10:30 AM and depart about 11:30 AM.

The VA Hospital won't know how may patients they will bringing until that Friday morning so it will be difficult to know how many volunteers will be needed to push these veterans in wheelchairs.  We want to have 20 volunteers standing by to do the job.

Here is PLAN A:
Volunteer to be a wheelchair pusher or VA patient helper, please fill out this form.  Your name will be added to a web page in the KANSAS HONOR FLIGHT website, where everyone can see how many volunteers that have signed up to help out 24/7.

If your name is on that website list, then come to the East main entrance of Expo Hall by 10:15 AM (1-20-2017) so we can get you signed in.  We will stand by and go to work when the VA transportation pulls up.





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